Gabriella Vida
Gabriella Vida | Director & Interior Designer

When I was a child one of my parents friends owned a big furniture showroom. We went to visit there occasionally. I was always full with excitement as that was my favourite place to be!!! :) Due to growing up in a home where my creative mum loved decorating and  rearranging furniture from time to time, I've always been interested in home decor. This attitude had a great impact on me. I really enjoyed watching and helping her and when I was a teenager I started doing the same in my own room and certainly I still do it in my own home. :)

At the time I was keen on drawing random floor plans and furniture without knowing exactly where this is all coming from.


During the years my passion for interior design became obvious and having my own business as an interior designer became my dream.

To make this dream come true I returned to studying and completed a postgraduate diploma course at Interior Design Academy of Ireland.


For two years prior to starting my own venture I was a senior designer with the well known company Beyond The Hall Door (now called Interiors Atelier).

This two years enabled me to put my knowledge into practice and learn more about the design process.


I think the beauty of this profession is that I can help people to make their home better and nicer, thus improve and change their quality of their life.


My love and devotion towards interior design is growing day by day and would love to

share this passion with you! :)



I believe, beauty is nothing without practicality. I believe, good design takes all family members into consideration no matter if it is a baby, a pet or an elder person! Good design is practical and easy to maintain! Good design allows the family to enjoy everyday life at home. Good design is timeless while meeting the needs and style of the client.