La Vida Design offers a wide range of specific services, where everyone can find that suits the best to their needs and budget.


E-design is an ultra affordable, flexible and convenient service offered by La Vida Design. Perfect  for those who are eager to improve their home on their own schedule with the assistance of a professional designer.

You don't want to arrange appointments? Would it be a hassle to rush to consultations after school and work? You don't have to!

This service takes advantage of the possibilities of online world, which makes communication extremely easy. Read on for more details.

Nursery room design

Is your baby on the way and you are going to start a new chapter in your life soon? Everyone is aiming to provide the best environment to the new person with creating a beautiful room. However this could be quite costly if you want to purchase everything on your own. Why not involve friends and family members? What would be the role of La Vida Design? Read on to find it out! :)




Space modelling

You may have great ideas in mind about your space and/or have seen products that you fell in love with, but find it hard to visualize the overall look. 3D modelling service can help you bounce on with your interior.

With the help of this service you can avoid unnecessary mistakes and costs! Why is this service beneficial for you and how it can help? Read on for more details! :)




Bespoke furniture design

Are you thinking of refurbishing your kitchen? Are you struggling with the lack of storage space? Do you need practical solutions for your workstation/craft room or simply want to refresh your dated furniture pieces? Then this service is for you to solve your dilemma!  La Vida Design is here to help! Find out more below.

Interior design

La Vida Design offers full interior design service from start to finish to achieve an inviting, timeless, personalized home. I can help you to bring your vision to life with creating a timeless, practical and beautiful environment, that you can call HOME. Read on for more details. :)