Nursery room design

Baby Registry and Baby Shower have a big tradition in the US. These traditions are about the parents-to-be creating a wishlist which gives the opportunity to friends and family members to gift the new baby with all the essentials. La Vida Design brings these traditions to another level, where guests can help you create the nursery of your dreams.


The nursery room design and list of products are provided by La Vida Design. Whether you are looking for new or second-hand items, your guests can choose from a variety of components that have been selected by me and approved by you. Designing a nursery room can be a fun and creative process, and with the right help, it can turn into the most stylish room in the house!


What do you need to do? Sit back and relax, while family members take care of creating the nursery room of your dreams for your beautiful baby.

How it works?


As a first step, contact me via e-mail so we can discuss further details about this service.



We will arrange a meeting (max. 1 hour) to learn more about your design aspirations and to outline brief.



As a second consultation (€150 design fee applies, max. 2 hours) I will visit your home where photos and measurements will be taken of the room which will be designed for your baby.



Share inspirational images, links with me on collaborative Pinterest board.



An estimated budget plan/quotation will be prepared for you. Once it is approved, the design process will begin.



Please note: This service is also available in an E-design version where design process is carried out remotely with the use of online tools. For more details please contact me via e-mail.

What is included?

1. Vision board & Color palette illustrating the look and feel of the room.


2. Detailed furniture floor plan with existing or new items.


3. Room elevations for window treatments and wall decor.


4. Estimated budget plan for all design components (furniture, fabrics, accessories, light fixtures etc.).


5. Private Facebook group, where you can invite your friends and family members. At this platform they will be able to browse and choose from a variety of items.


+1. Images of 3D visual of the space.*



*Discounted Space modelling service can be added and combined with Nursery room design service.

How much does it cost?

Prices are tailored to your needs. A quotation will be sent after brief is outlined.